New blog site address

If you have bookmarked this site, then it is time to change your bookmarks!  Texas Art Girl Photography has a new blog address!

Come visit and come often!


Summer fun begins with a splash!

It is such fun to photograph kids when they are clearly having a BLAST.  At first some are reluctant to jump in the water.  The hesitation quickly fades away and pure delight takes its place.  I always end up getting a little wet myself.  It is all fine with me.  What a way to cool down for both me and them.

Dallas Area Photographer – Senior Photography

Senior Season?  Yes, you heard right.  You might not have even known there was such a thing.  But, alas, here I am again giving you the scoop from my end of the lens.  This is the time of year that seniors want their pictures taken. – and I am happy to play along.  If you happen to be in the senior-looking -to-do-pictures category, pull out your calendar and mark down Sept 4th and 5th.  That is the next Senior Mini Session.  If you are a Willow Bend Academy student there is a date set aside just for you – October 2nd.  If none of those dates work for you, perhaps you would like to host your own session and EARN YOUR PRINTS FOR  . . . . .*FREE*  Sounds interesting, huh?  Contact me and we can talk.  You can also send me a facebook message.

Anyway, back to the main point . . .This particular senior just so happens to have come to Texas Art Girl Photography by way of the afore mentioned Willow Bend Academy.